Monday, July 16, 2007

Why Black People Don't Get and Don't Like Markos Alberto Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA (M.A.M.Z.) of DailyKos

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In comments to my diary of the weekend, Stu Piddy said,

"But I think the idea of criticizing a Democrat got him [me] in trouble....[at DailyKos.]

Francis L. Holland to Attend YearlyKos, Lead "Truth About Kos" Panel Discussion

The reason I offered the two links in that diary to Markos Alberto Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA's (M.A.M.Z.'s) articles and quotes attacking Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is to show that Markos Alberto Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA (M.A.M.Z) is making a living criticizing Democratic front-runners, which will only help the Republicans since Hillary Clinton IS going to be our nominee and Barack Obama may well be her running mate.

It might well be argued that M.A.M.Z. is trying (1) to soften up Clinton before the Republican onslaught and (2) trying to soften her support on the left precisely because her position is rock solid everywhere else in the Democratic Party.

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Can't anyone else see the irony that the same M.A.M.Z. who supported Ronald Reagan (who invaded Grenada, El Salvador and Nicaragua with US dollars), and the M.A.M.Z. who supported George H.W. Bush (who invaded Panama), and the M.A.M.Z. who supported Republican Congressman Henry Hyde (who led the impeachment of Bill Clinton in the US House), and the same M.A.M.Z. is now suddenly attacking leading Democratic front-runners FROM THE LEFT?!!!!!!!!! The guy is schizophrenic at best, and represents a cynical ploy by Republicans at the most realistic worst.

Now add to this what we have learned about M.A.M.Z. most recently: That he trained at the CIA, lied about his family's wealth, lied about being an immigrant, lied when he said he was not from a powerful family . . . It is well said that a person who will lie about one thing will sometimes lie about other things as well.

Although I literally have t-shirts from trips to Florida that are older than M.A.M.Z.'s switch to the Democratic Party from the Republican Party (if, in fact, he ever has switched), nonetheless M.A.M.Z. is trying to rhetorically outflank the Democratic front-runners from the left, even though M.A.M.Z. was last seen supporting their opponents from the right!

Black people don't know how to be so inconsistent. Ninety percent of us support the Democratic Party all of our lives, and we NEVER, EVER cross the lines to vote for a Republican because our position is principled and stable, based on an analysis of our position and of the parties that goes far beyond what any one candidate says on any particular day. We don't decide between voting Democratic and voting Republican, like M.A.M.Z. and his supporters do. We decide between voting Democratic and not voting at all.

M.A.M.Z. attacks the Democratic front-runners while I support them. M.A.M.Z. supports the Democratic white male also-rans while I oppose them. If I had criticized Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama when I was at DailyKos, I would probably still be a member in good-minion-standing, and I would also be welcomed in the Republican Party.

But, because I criticized M.A.M.Z., who supported Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Henry Hyde, I was banned from DailyKos. As I have said before, I would rather be banned from DailyKos one thousand times over than be mistaken for a M.A.M.Z. minion only once.

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