Sunday, August 14, 2011

CIA-Connected DailyKos Blog Bans Critical Discussion of Israel, Says "Desert Peace" Blog

Over at the Desert Peace blog, there is an article reporting and criticizing the DailyKos crackdown on critical discussion of the US's relationship with Israel.  It ought to be apparent by now, after DailyKos banning "conspiracy theories" and banning discussion of September 11, and banning critical discussion of Israel, that the purpose for the existence of DailyKos is to dissuade American Leftists from discussion reality, while convincing the press that a CIA trainee is a representative of the American Left.

This is very convenient for the American media, since they are loath to invite, for example, a socialist to discuss the benefits of socialism as opposed to capitalism on a talking heads television show.  Instead, they invite a man who acknowledges having been trained by the CIA and HE tells the press what leftism means.  They live off of Left/Right discussions, but they can't bring themselves to invite a real Leftist to speak on behalf of the Left.

The press never mentions in its biographical articles about MAMZ that he says he spent two years training with the CIA.  However, I have noticed that there have been dramatically fewer biographical articles about MAMZ in the mainstream press since this obviously-relevant fact became public knowledge. 

The media seems to believe that it is better not to write about MAMZ at all than to address any of the glaring and thoroughly-documented facts raised in "The Indictment of Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA (MAMZ) by Justice and History (Updated with Additional Information and Counts)."

So, I posted the following (common knowledge to readers of this blog) at the Desert Peace blog, with minor revisions:
Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ or "Kos" of DailyKos) admits that he trained with the US CIA for two years (transcript), between 2001 and 2003, while he started his "leftist" DailyKos blog in 2002, simultaneously with his CIA training. "Moulitsas Acknowledges that Many Consider Him a CIA Agent."

He has never categorically denied that he still works for the CIA, although he calls the belief that he does a "conspiracy theory."  He HAS said that he would be more than willing to work for the CIA today, because "their hearts are in the right place."  (See "Transcript" and listen to MAMZ's statements in the accompanying videos.)

I am proud that "Stu Piddy" ("Kos and the CIA") and the Truth About Kos blog, combined with hundreds of other blogs and over one hundred thousand hits at Google have compelled MAMZ to address the public's "conspiracy theory" that he is CIA, whether it be as an agent, operative or asset. MAMZ did finally admit publicly that the "conspiracy theory" about him exists widely, but he did not deny the validity of "conspiracy theory" directly, categorically or convincingly.

The question for leftists and for those who criticize the US relationship with Israel is not whether to participate at DailyKos, but rather what the Democratic Party and the American Left should do when we become convinced that a CIA agent is manipulating and disinforming the public by telling the public that he is a Democratic Party "leftist," "progressive," and "liberal" when, in fact, there are at least thirty-one good reasons involving him and his family for us to believe that he is a CIA agent and is trying to manipulate us.


Nikogriego said...

Francis, I like this one. Particularly since you mention the banning of discussion of 9/11/01 on DK, which is my thing.

Your indictment of MAMZ has gotten more focused, also good, and you have reduced the "MAMZ is gay" assertions, which although it may be true, detracts from your overall research and message, which I have written about before.

Keep up the good work.

Francis L. Holland said...


I know you don't like public curiosity about MAMZ's sexuality, but he put the issue in play when he outed an anti-gay Republican. That was hypocritical because MAMZ himself is an anti-gay Republican. At least, I don't believe he has changed since he declared that he was an anti-gay Republican.

If the scrutiny toward MAMZ's sexual identity brings more scrutiny to MAMZ in general, then I think that's all to the good. It's Politics 101: If you can't hate despise enemy because he is CIA, then despise him because he is a homophobic hypocrite, whose public statements have put his own sexuality in doubt. (See links in the right sidebar.)

I never said a word about MAMZ's sexuality until I found his letter opposing ALL gay participation in the US military.

Missy said...

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