Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tikum Olam Blog Revisits MAMZ's CIA Contacts

Over at the Tikun Olam blog, I found the following comment about my research regarding Marcos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ):

I’m glad I clicked the “notify me” for new updates years ago and I appreciate all this information. 
Personally, after being banned from Kos, I went on with life and worked on other things, including improving my journalism career and raising a family. While I miss many aspects of the viral political debate that historically occurred at that site – before Kos decided to change the focus to “electing Democrats” – other aspects of it, like attacking one as being anti-Semitic for not wanting tax dollars to flow to Israel’s military machine or questioning the official 9-11 story, as examples, I don’t miss at all (note that’s it’s OK to yell and scream about not wanting tax dollars to flow to Pakistan, Egypt, etc., something many of us do. That’s not being “anti-Muslim” or anything … that’s just being sensible and smart). 
Francis, you’ve done a great bit of work and research on your site. Thanks for spending the time to look into it. There might be a bit of wiggle room in there based on his own memory of things and seems to be putting together years of history in a few words. Sure, he could have said, On March Whatever, whatever year, I was recruited by the CIA … then, in April Whatever, I decided I didn’t want to live in D.C., so I joined the Dean campaign … or whatever. It does seem odd but I think it might just be that he was trying to gloss over the timeline quickly.
( . . . ) 
Because I tend to see and focus on the bad rather than the good in what people say about my efforts, I responded to Tony Schinella as follows at Tikun Olam:

I'm glad you've moved on, because most of what Moulitsas says doesn't merit our time or attention.  However, your expressed credulity for Moulitsas' responses to the questions about his CIA involvement leads me to doubt your sanity and/or sincerity.  I'm sorry to say that in such an unpleasant way, but it's what I think.

MAMZ has outright lied about the economic resources he had available when he started DailyKos.  His family is among the upper crust of the Salvadoran oligarchy, with international influence and paid rolls in globalization. He has not commented on the fact that a family member received a one million dollar loan guarantee
from the Overseas Private Investment Council (OPIC) for globalization work , according to an OPIC press release.

It's possible that MAMZ is not a CIA agent, but the fact that he looks like one, even without his confession at the Commonwealth Club, troubles me.  This is about the infiltration and manipulation of the American Left and the media's refusal to cover real American leftists.  MAMZ is important politically and negatively because he claims to the media and to politicians that he represents the American Left, which drowns out and distorts the voices of real leftists. 

And you're telling me that we should ignore his admission to CIA contacts because he can't remember when he entered the CIA orbit and when he left?  If he doesn't remember when he left, maybe it's because he never left the CIA at all, or never stopped being a CIA asset.

I believe that his Netroots Nation conferences and secret Townhouse Group (and undoubtedly many other secret engagements) are for the purpose of developing CIA assets and then misdirecting them.  I was recently contacted by one of those assets, whose interaction with him is public knowledge, and this contact asked me to join a secret group that would make secret political decisions. 

I will not join any group until at least those within the group who are suspected of CIA connections have conclusively disproved their connections with the CIA.  MAMZ cannot disprove his connections because he has already confessed to them.  I will not be a CIA asset through MAMZ or a MAMZ asset, and Truth About Kos warns and discourages others from playing that role.

I was also contacted by Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign's e-mail guru (can't remember his name right now), who told me, "We want you to work to elect Hillary Clinton . . . . You know that Markos and I are friends, right?) 

What was he trying to tell me that he didn't come out and say?  That if I wanted to be in the Clinton inner blogging circle then I would have to stop writing critically about MAMZ?    Was this a back-channel communication from MAMZ himself? 

The reason you can't get anyone to listen to your criticisms of Israel is that there is a massive program of misinformation and obliviousness going on in the United States to convince Americans to accept the relationship with Isreal and forget about the Palestinians.  As you have come to realize, MAMZ participates, to the extent of his blog's abilities, in that massive effort to forget about Israel's cruel hegemony over the Palestinians and the Lebanese as well.  MAMZ little part is the attempt to shut down discussions of Israel (and also shut down doubt of the incredible explanations of 9-11).

I have been contacted by various people who tell me in a friendly way that I might as well  stop criticizing MAMZ.  One woman claimed to be MAMZ's neighbor in California and said she didn't care about him politically, but he was a nasty neighbor.  I told her that if she was MAMZ's neighbor then I wanted her to take his garbage from the curb, put it into a box, and mail it to me, so that I could review its contents.  I never received any of MAMZ's garbage, so I guess that contact's story was garbage.

The fact that MAMZ was compelled to acknowledge that a lot of people believe he is involved with the CIA is proof positive that the work of the Truth About Kos blog has had the desired effect: to discredit him in the eyes of the public.  The media continues to cover him  because they know that a lot of the people they cover are CIA agents, and it is an accepted rule that the media should not consider CIA contacts (or should favor them) when deciding whether to cover a media event or not.

MAMZ's 2% Black and 0% Latino participation at his blog is also an attempt to marginalize Blacks and Latinos as part of the American left.  Black bloggers thought this didn't matter until they found out that no Black or Latino bloggers would be allowed on the floor of the Democratic National Convention, because that privilege was held by MAMZ's "state bloggers."  MAMZ was effectuating a plan to lock Blacks and Black bloggers out of contact and exposure, using the infrastructure of the Democratic Party.  When MAMZ's actions result in an all-white Democratic Party media floor blogging pool, the MAMZ has become to malignant to ignore.

If he can convince the media that Black Kos represents Blacks, then why would or would the media need to contact us Black bloggers.  Thankfully, Black Kos is such a transparent ruse that even the media won't cover them.  They don't do anything or represent anyone worth covering.

Most of the time I spend on The Truth About Kos is when I daily review the hits in order to see where Truth About Kos has been cited and quoted and used by others to prove that MAMZ is a liar whose views and concocted appearance of leftist leadership are fallacious. 

When people use the Truth About Kos to discredit Kos, simply by placing a link in the comments at another blog, I know that this part of my efforts has been well done, even if I don't do anything more. 

It is a pleasure, though, that MAMZ acknowledges that he is widely suspected of being CIA.  That suspicion started with Stu-Piddy and me and it limits the harm that MAMZ can cause to the American left and American politics in general. 

This I can tell you with certainty.  MAMZ will never run for public office (although he once suggested that he wanted to) because his opponent would access the Truth about Kos blog and use reams of evidence to show that there is something very incredible about MAMZ and he can't be trusted.  I feel I'm doing the public a significant service, even if I never update Truth About Kos again.

MAMZ, who claims to have trained by the CIA for two years (2001 - 2003) during which he started his DailyKos blog (2002), continues to talk nonsense to the media about a number of issues, simply for the purpose of getting his name in the news and having the mainstream press refer to him as a "leftist," "liberal," "progressive."  MAMZ needs to try to maintain the perception of legitimacy of his leftist bona fides, even as he struggles with what he acknowledges is a public perception that he is a CIA agent.  See links for the above assertions in the right sidebar and in this article published here recently.


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Kos supports endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
9/11 and Israel, here:

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