Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Following Resources are Available About Kos, DailyKos and YearlyKos

Before reading anything else, read Stu Piddy's essay in which he demonstrates that Markos Moulitsas (A.K.A. "Secret Agent Man) spent six months working for the United States Central Intelligence Agency (THE CIA) in 1991.

Atheist/Agnostic Bloggers to “Come Out” at YearlyKos Conference in Chicago

The Rehabilitation of Markos Moulitsas

Vocabulary of the New Online Apartheid

Why Is DailyKos So White?, by "Chris"

The Blackosphere vs. The Whitosphere, by Field Negro

Is "Whitosphere" a Fair Descriptor for the White "Progressive" Blogosphere?

Markos Was A Republican "States' Rights" Advocate

Markos Admits He Was A Reagan Republican, by Markos Moulitsas

Reader Requests More Positivity

The 10 Unwritten Rules of Speech at DailyKos (How to Avoid Violating the 10 Unwritten Rules of the DailyKos Public Opinion Governance Board (DKPOGB))

DK, Kos and his Disloyal Democrats

Crashing the White Male Supremacy Paradigm

Ending the White Male Monopoly of the Presidency: White Insistence on Perpetuating the 43-Consecutive Terms Exclusively White Male Presidency is the Epitome of Monopolistic "Identity Politics"

Is "You're a Monkey" OK at DailyKos?

DailyKos, Hillary Clinton, and the Sexist Use of the DLC Epithet

DK vc. Hillary Clinton: The United States of Hypocrisy?

Can We Really Crash the Gates and Govern Without the Elites?

The DailyKos Hypocrisy that Gores You

Assessing the Leadership of Hillary Clinton, Kos and Sirota

Whacking the Hive: A Hillary Clinton Supporter at DailyKos

Contarians Should Stop Bashing Barack and Hillary

Is Kos a Single-Issue Bomb Thrower?

Anger at Hillary Distinguishes DailyKos Readers

DailyKos Should Apologize for Sexualized Attack on Hillary Clinton

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Proud Liberal said...

I dare you to call sam Seder's show with these so called facts.