Friday, January 13, 2012

"Banned at Kos" is Ongoing Topic at Tikun Olam Arab-Israeli Topic Blog

Two recent visitors to the Tikun Olam blog have added information to a thread started in 2006 about banning at DailyKos.  In summary, many DailyKos participants eventually realized that any defense of the Palestinians or criticism of the Israelis would lead to the writer being banned from participation at DailyKos.

Atheo, for example, found out very quickly this month that there are some subjects you simply are not allowed to address at DailyKos. Atheo discussed his experience at Tikun Olam.

It's ironic that the mainstream media constantly address the issue of Palestinians and Israelis, but a supposedly "liberal," "leftist" blog bans the topic entirely.  DailyKos does not seem to hold the sentiment behind the First Amendment -- freedom of speech -- in very high esteem.

For example, DailyKos bans all discussion of how and why and by whom the Twin Towers were destroyed on 9-11.  Meanwhile, YouTube is full of videos (2.5 Million) typically doubting the official story of 9-11. and Time and CBS have discussed the theory that 9-11 did not occur as reported, but was perhaps an inside job.  So, you have the mainstream media and Google sharing information about an issue whose mere mention will get you banned at DailyKos.  Why does DailyKos believe it is crucial to prevent this discussion, even as Google/YouTube, a much larger media corporation, is a veritable treasure trove of information about 9-11.  Google permits it, but DailyKos blocks it.

It seems to me that the roles of the big box blog and the mainstream media have been reversed and many issues that can be covered in the mainstream media are now (and have been virtually since the beginning) BANNED at DailyKos. And that is the wall against which Atheo bumped his nose in his first attempt to address what was important to him at DailyKos.

I don't visit DailyKos anymore, except to see them go berserk when they realize that the guy they banned from their little backwater published opinion pieces at, for example, Huffington Post, and is quoted in the Washington Post and at Slate.

When I initially began contacting the mainstream media about my experience of being banned at DailyKos for expressing the views of a Black man, big wigs at DailyKos mocked and derided me.  In think they underestimated me, as you can see when you read the article, "Bloggers' Convention a Sea of Middle-Aged White Males," for which I spoke with the Washington Post writer beforehand.  I found bigger and better places and ways to publish my opinions after I was banned from DailyKos.

With 456,000 hits at Google for "Moulitsas" and "CIA," mostly based on information first widely disseminated at my Truth About Kos blog, I believe I have done what I could to explain to the public why DailyKos and its cohorts (look at its blog list) serve the conversation-curtailing role that they do in the whitosphere.

I also note that history and these two historical figures have proved my judgment correct about John and Elizabeth Edwards, whose DailyKos-supported candidacy for the presidency I opposed because, among other factors, John's election would have perpetuated what was then a 43-term white male monopoly of the US Presidency. 

This didn't go over well at the 96% white DailyKos.  (See Quantcast DailyKos demographic data in right sidebar.)  I attacked Edwards from every conceivable (to me) angle and other DailyKos participants resented that.  How could I insist, day after day, that the President ought not necessarily be a white man, when everyone knew that ALL US presidents had been white men?

As we all know now, the Democrats would certainly have lost the election in 2008 had John Edwards been nominated, as a plurality at DailyKos preferred.  John Edwards was a shameless philanderer and his wife was an enabling, manipulative and exceedingly ambitious woman, who hid all she knew about John's unfitness for the nomination.

Today, CNN reports that:
Edwards is charged with six felony and misdemeanor counts related to donations to and payments from his failed 2008 presidential campaign. He is accused of conspiracy, issuing false statements and violating campaign contribution laws. He denies any wrongdoing.

Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, died of cancer in December 2010. The couple had separated that year, shortly after Edwards admitted that he had fathered a daughter with Rielle Hunter, who was hired to make documentary videos for his campaign for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

Had either or both of John and Elizabeth Edwards succeeded in their nomination ambitions, they would have destroyed the Democratic Party's hopes for regaining the presidency, because lying John Edwards' General Election campaign would have been embarrassingly over before it could begin in earnest.

When John Edwards is in Federal prison, mumbling to Elizabeth Edwards, who earned her place in Hell, then both of them will have gotten their due for the harm the knowingly and intentionally they tried to do to the Democratic Party, for their own personal gain. 

I am proud to be able to write this at at Truth About Kos blog, which provides the truth about the DailyKos community, it's owner, and its (right-wing, CIA-driven?) politics.

*  *  *  *  *

And now John Edwards suddenly discovers that he has a life-threatening heart condition just before his aforementioned Federal trial was scheduled to begin?  I was wondering what this lying lawyer would fabricate to derail his trial.  And now we know.   The man who was the apparent epitome of health has discovered that he has a heart condition and so, regrettably, cannot go ahead with his trial at the moment.  Maybe he can join his wife in her present abode and thereby avoid the trial entirely.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who can reason should comprehend that ANY website that bans anti zionist speech or pro palestinian / pro muslim speech is 1 of 3 things...

1) an openly pro zionist (owned, operated and sponsored) blog/website or;

2) a 'conservative' christian / judeo christian pro - rapture (owned, operated and sponsored) blog / website or;

3) a right wing cia/nsa/military (secretly owned, operated and sponsored) blog / website.

As the creator of 'The Truth About Kos' has evidence that the Kos site's creator is an avowed athiest, it should not be too difficult to figure out Kos is a ruse... 1 of many mechanisms created to lead the sheep in the wanted direction.

Zacherydtaylor said...

I have been warned by the Daily KO and I was quite surprised by it. I was informed that advocating for a third party is strictly forbidden at the Daily KO after posting the following diary and receiving an exceptionally large response compared to what I have been accustomed to at my old blog elsewhere.

I went to the front page and didn’t notice any warnings about free speech being heavily regulated there but apparently they’ve been doing just that. I had to click on an acknowledgement of the fact that I have been warned before being allowed to post; or so they said but after clicking on it I don’t seem to be able to use many if any of the functions there. At first I thought this was just a warning but I think I may have been banned. This is clearly a propaganda machine disguised as a liberal discussion board.

Anonymous said...

I was recently banned for "Antisemitism " lol my husband is Jewish, and I mean religious Ultra Jewish family. It's a joke you can't even give a personal opinion a Jew can't be accused of antisemitism talking about other Jews. Only Daily Kos!

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