Monday, November 8, 2010

Strong Rebuke Follows Moulitsas' Student Newspaper Article Against All Gays in the Military

[UPDATE] of 11/08/2010:  The Northern Illinois University's Northern Star Student newspaper link to the letter below has changed not just three but now FOUR times in three years since my first publication of this letter at various blogs, but it can currently be found here.

MAMZ appears to try to represent the views of the whole military in the above letter, but a female military person tells him he should try to mature rather than focus his sexual immaturity on gays in the military.

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Cheryl Anndel, a senior at Northern Illinois University when MAMZ was a freshman there wrote the above letter to the editor, disagreeing with MAMZ's contention that gays in the military would hurt cohesion, etc.

Full-size screenshot can also be found here.

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