Monday, September 13, 2010

DailyKos: "Is this a Democratic Blog?" (W/Color-Aroused Comments)


Yesterday at DailyKos, (while I was taking a little vacation) LynneK posted a diary in which she asked in the title, "Is this a Democratic Blog?"  LynneK questioned the sincerity of DailyKos and Markos C.Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) receiving advertising dollars from the Republican National Congressional Committee, in exchange for exposing and referring DailyKos viewers to Republican Party. 

 . . . I must say that in the past few days, some of the ads have made me wonder. In the past 24 hours, at the top of the home page, have been ads for Republican websites, Republican candidate's donation pages, and even an ad for the Republican Congressional Committee.
( . . . )
This morning, the ad for the RNCC was right at the top of the page, while the frontpage articles were all regarding the disaster that is the Republican Party. It felt to me like I had stepped straight into an episode of "The Twilight Zone." It was surreal to see that ad on this site, which has been referred to by the Republican Party as "The Great Orange Satan."
( . . . )
 In the comments, Bink  posed the question,

Can We Really Trust (18+ / 0-)

Salvadoran oligarch and CIA mole MAMZ?
Based on the the number of recommendations, at least eighteen other DailyWhitosphere participants saw this question, this conundrum, as one for which they and the public needs an answer.

In the comments to the diary, one poster mentions me by name and makes a clearly color-aroused and antagonistic reference to me.  He writes,

francislholland! (10+ / 0-)

Memories, memories.

One day I will write 'Trolls I Haz Known'.
It will be a funfest of conspiracy, circumcision, and possibly cake.
Affecting a pseudo-"Black English" grammar, e.g. "I HAZ" is a common way that color-aroused white antagonists engage in color-aroused-white antagonistic verbal behavior.  For another example, look to  Apparently someone thinks it's funny to post a photograph in which the caption reads,  "Ar u da nu slave I haz hired?"  Cylegage claims that no one knows the skin color of others on the Internet, but this is simply untrue.   Merely by his use of the word "haz" an attempt to be funny, I know that Cylegage is white. 

Blacks do not find any of this funny, and this may help to explain why DailyWhitosphere has a four percent Black readership, event though with Blacks constitute 20% of the delegates to the Democratic National Convention--a group with which DailyKos claims to have an alliance. Blacks (4%) and Latinos (1%) don't need or want to go online and engage in sites where we will constantly see whites behaving in ways that are antagonistic to us and to our participation.

Thankfully, we have the Truth About Kos blog, and no one need participate at DailyKos for a nearly a year, as I did, before learning that DK is a blog started by a CIA trainee concurrent with his training to be a "secret agent" (his words) for the CIA. 


When a zealous Republican Party and CIA trainee starts an ostensibly left-wing blog, that's not the mark of  leftists "crashing the gates" of the Democratic Party.  It seems more to me like the mark of Republicans and extreme rightists infiltrating the Democratic Party.

If you're looking to participate in a a "liberal," "leftist," or "progressive" blog, then you will probably have to start your own, since the leftistsphere seems to be infiltrated by individuals with thoroughly sources connections to the Republican Party and the CIA (see transcript of MAMZ's confession  and listen to the audiotape based on which the transcription was prepared).

Also, if you want to know what the Democratic Party is thinking, DailyWhitosphere is the wrong place to find out.  As Quantcast is constantly publicizing, 93% of DailyWhitosphere readers are white.  That leaves very little room for the opinions of Blacks (12.8% of the nation and 20% of the Democratic Party, but only 4% aat DailyKos) as well as Latinos (a populous larger than Blacks in this nation, but constituting only 1% of DailyKos readership, plus or minus one percent).  It's certainly worth pondering why a blog started by a second-generation Salvadoran in the US only has 1% participation by Latinos.

LynneK and her eighteen supporters may not be aware of it, but simply by posting this diary or indicating their agreement with it, they may discover that some of the same people who ridiculed this diary will be among those making determined efforts to drive these "truth trolls" (people who insist on pointing out facts and contradictions) away from DailyKos. I am frankly surprised that the censors there permitted the link to this blog.

Best wishes to all of the valiant truth trolls at DailyKos.  Each time you contradict the story that MAMZ and his minions have told about MAMZ and his blog, you create another Google link on the Internet where readers can discover who the real MAMZ really is.

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